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2016 iL Series Street Light

Superb Design: Reliable LED Lighting Technology; LED Source Protection; 0-90° Bracket Adjustment; Multiple Light Distribution Options.
  • L70 at 54,000hrs, 5 Years Warranty
  • Mounting angle adjustable
  • Light Distribution: Type II Short 50*150°, Type III Short 75*150°
  • Photocell available
  • IK10 IP66
  • 10kV/20kV SPD optional


ModelPowerInput VoltageEfficacyCCTCRIOpticsHousing ColorIP RatingWarranty
2016 SUK-40WiL40W100-277/347-480VAC/12/24VDC130lm/w3000-6500KRa>70Type II / Type IIIBlack/WhiteIP665 years
2016 SUK-80WiL80W100-277/347-480VAC/12/24VDC130lm/w3000-6500KRa>70Type II / Type IIIBlack/WhiteIP665 years
2016 SUK-120WiL120W100-277/347-480VAC/12/24VDC130lm/w3000-6500KRa>70Type II / Type IIIBlack/WhiteIP665 years
2016 SUK-160WiL160W100-277/347-480VAC/12/24VDC130lm/w3000-6500KRa>70Type II / Type IIIBlack/WhiteIP665 years
2016 SUK-200WiL200W100-277/347-480VAC/12/24VDC130lm/w3000-6500KRa>70Type II / Type IIIBlack/WhiteIP665 years
2016 SUK-240WiL240W100-277/347-480VAC/12/24VDC130lm/w3000-6500KRa>70Type II / Type IIIBlack/WhiteIP665 years
2016 SUK-280WiL280W100-277/347-480VAC/12/24VDC130lm/w3000-6500KRa>70Type II / Type IIIBlack/WhiteIP665 years


IK10: EN 62262:2002

IESNA LM-79 & LM-80 Test Report


EN 60598-1:2008+A11
EN 60598-2-3:2003+A1
EN 62471:2008
EN 62493:2010
ZEK 01.4-08/11.11


IEC 60598-1:2008

IEC 60598-2-3 2002+A1


IP66 test according to Clause 9.2.25, Clause 9.2.7 of
EN 60598-1:2008+A11

EN 60598-2-3:2003+A1:2011


EN 55015:2013

EN 61000-3-2:2013

EN 61000-3-3:2013

EN 61547:2009


Cadmium, Lead, Chromium (VI), Mercury, Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB)and Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE)     
According to RoHS (recast): Restriction of the Use of Certain HazardouS Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment, 2011/65/EU



Constant Current,120-240/277VAC

Three in one dimming function: 1-10Vdc or PWM signal or resistance

Built-in active PFC function

Protections: Short circuit/Over current/Over voltage/Over temperature

Photocell: Twist-lock/Plug-in Locking Type Controls

THD< 20% at 120VAC/277VAC

PF>0.96/120VAC, PF>0.94/277VAC 


SPD: 4KV,6KV,10KV,20KV


Application: roadway/street/path way/park/public square/parking lot/carpark

Heat Radiation: 6063 Al for better heat transfer, raising temperature< 26℃.

Ratings: IP66;IK10

Anti-salty spray: Grade A 

Mounting: Bracket 0-90 degree adjustable 

Diversified installation methods, can be installed on the square-shape pole as well by simply adding an extra converter.

Finish: Corrosion resistant

Sensor Specifications

Light Sensor(Photocell), strong resistance to surge current.

LED Characteristics

LUXEON 3030-2D

•Superior efficacy and light output from a compact source

•Optimized for efficacy driven applications with typical Vf: 2.7V and low thermal resistance: 3 K/W

•Delivers high luminance ideal for directional lighting

•Specified, targeted and tested hot, at real world operating temperatures, Tj = 85°C to ensure in-application performance

•Freedom from Binning delivers color consistency within- 3 or 5-step SDCM MacAdam Ellipse

•Proven reliability

•Exceeds ENERGY STAR lumen maintenance requirements

•UL-recognized component [E352519] with level 4 enclosure consideration 

Light Distribution

Street light & Parking light should fit with a wide range of applications, such as highway, express way, roadway, avenue, walking path or parking lot lightings. Considering this, SUK provides different light distribution lens for the iL Series street light to achieve best lighting effect in different applications. 

SUK follows the North American IESNA standard in providing the optional lens with Type II and Type III.

LED Distribution Type:

50*150°(Type II Short) The Type II lens is suitable for the highway with 2 lanes.

75*150°(Type III Short)  The Type III A is for 3 lanes.

90*100° with light spot for the rectangular beam, suitable for parking lot lighting.

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