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6 LED this market segment is a rich fresh mouth?

  • December 1,2015
6 LED this market segment is a rich fresh mouth?

The General lighting market "100 does not give you" segments can make your "local tyrants is wayward"? Market segment of Amoy gold really that good? To the end of 2015, the major market segment the situation how?

1, intelligent lighting: Thunder more rain is still small

Development status: LED industry has also not appear to be any areas such as intelligent lighting and a so many participants. However, the lighting seems to be going through an awkward stage: manufacturers have come from afar, Lady young lady pouring, but consumers were not buying it.

Compared to 2014, this year all the companies in the field of intelligent lighting didn't seem to bring too many surprises. Although intelligent lighting products are no longer limited to dimmer color, begin to attach a series of other functions (such as listening to music, playing games and so on), but the core issues remain unresolved: the high price (of course there are cheap, but it is difficult to guarantee quality), complex operation (this is a common criticism for the consumer).

In addition, the intelligent lighting systems from communication protocols and control platform is not standard, resulting in scattered product difficult to integrate.

While the major manufacturers in the field of intelligent lighting moves this year again, but the Thunder got pretty big, rain is still small. Stir well, and able to earn a little money. Today, many manufacturers are promoting intelligent lighting products are held as technical reserves.

But what exactly in what form the future intelligent lighting to market Smart lighting market, who will be leading, for LED lighting manufacturers who are increasingly marginalized, still seems to be an unknown quantity.

Market potential: everybody knows this is a great cake. Research consultancy Marketsand Markets its latest market research report points out that, by 2020, the total lighting market is expected to reach US $ 8.14 billion, between 2015 and 2020, the compound annual growth rate of 22.07%.

2, automotive lighting: Gold fishing high threshold

Development status: compared to intelligent lighting, LED companies in the field of automotive lighting but actually landed gold. Display lights in the city, the major listed companies LED the Maori are above 40%, how can he not make people jealous? However, the high technical threshold, is difficult to break into the supply chain problems as "Tiger", many enterprises want to set foot in this area. In addition, has entered the field of mainland enterprises in the light of the most important "headlights" and much of the progress in the area, the product is, but not many real bulk sales.

With mainland manufacturers more and more involved in LED automotive lighting, together with the States in new energy vehicles to promote fuel further expansion of the market. High margin too many manufacturers "green with envy", as the market maturity further enhanced, believes many vendors across difficulties and obstacles will try to cash in gold.

Market potential: statistics show that 2012 LED car interior with a penetration rate of LED products for 80%, by 2020 rising to 90%. LED taillight in 2012 penetration rate is close to 40%, in 2020 will increase to 67%. LED daytime running light/fog light 50% 20% climbed from 2012 to 2020. LED headlights will from 2012 single digit rate of penetration, sustained up to 2020 21%.

3, plant lighting: high cost markets limited

Development status: first native plants plant put into operation, Taiwan started "farming gold craze", Philips launched "the lighting Cookbook" ... ... As plant factories get hot, plants increase in the heat of the lighting.

However, for domestic enterprises, especially LED enterprise, to obtain considerable benefits on plants LED lighting still has a long way to go. It is understood that LED plant lamp sales are concentrated in Japan, and Korea and the United States, Europe and other countries and areas where less people engaged in agriculture.

LED plant lighting domestic market model is and the Academy as a research and development unit, Terminal market is agricultural or some government agency. In other words, there is very limited.

On the consumption side, currently plant factory output prices are too high, and some even priced in g, so the current is suitable for growing only a few crops with high added value. And, some experts say, currently rely on plant lighting hydroponics crop output by health and safety problems still unresolved.

The other hand, LED plant lighting involves many disciplines, including semiconductors, optical spectroscopy and biology, there are certain technical thresholds, and proficient in the field of talent is hard to find, new influx to into the corresponding channels are also difficult. In addition, plant lighting is a large market segment, LED plant lights can be said to be segments in the segment, with traditional fluorescent lamps to grab the meat, makes the customer a one-time investment to increase, how many people buy it it is hard to say.

Market potential: compared to fluorescent lighting, LED lighting, not only saves electricity 40%, adjust the wavelength of light can improve the harvest, this is where the potential of the LED plant lighting. Statistics show that in 2011, LED plant lighting volume of about 300 million Yuan, more than 90% for export.

LED plant lighting plants present in the Chinese market is still in the awareness and a break-in period, and the next two will be LED plant lighting market's rapid rise. In addition, according to a global survey of industry in the field of global output value of LED grow lights from 2013 onwards, began high-speed growth, 2014 is expected to be more than $ 35 million, in 2017 is expected to reach $ 300 million.

4, Flash LED: supply chain harder to break into

Development status: compared to the 2014, 2015 LED manufacturers in the field of Flash LED City, does not seem to have much improvement. Troubled city, makers of old – harder to break into the supply chain.

LED manufacturers in addition to Crystal City, ship electronics month 3KK, VTech also outside of bulk shipments, such as Hung Lee, g-fly Flash LED manufacturers such as still in the process of matching. Mobile phone manufacturers to supply chain verification cycle is very long, the new entrants to eat cake or need some patience. In addition, technology, market barriers are also manufacturer into this area of the city, "Tiger".

Market potential: LEDinside estimated 2014 Flash LED annual production value of about us $ 786 million, an increase of 64%. Looking ahead to 2018, Flash LED worldwide shipments are expected to reach 2.043 billion, while Flash LED revenue/output in 2013 from $ 561 million, growing to us $ 759 million in 2018.

(Here it is necessary to indicate, 2018 output compared to 2014 have diminished, because LEDinside estimated Flash prices will fall sharply in the coming years. In an author interview, manufacturers said prices in 2015 compared to 2014 has dropped a lot. )

5, LED the filament lamp: involved in difficult

Development status: started late last year, relying on the LED lamp the filament incandescent lamp factory to turn around are actually have felt the crisis. Since the advent of on controversial, mature mixed areas have not suffered price wars and big reshuffle.

Groups of LED lamp the filament business failures, price shopping, even as a niche that LED the filament lamp also hasn't escaped unscathed. Compare Guangya exhibition will reveal that this year and last, LED filament lamps on display throughout the last year, and this year seems to have left a few.

Experience shuffling, coupled with LED lamp the filament life, heat, good ratio was criticized in the industry, as well as the filament lamp power LED to big, decorative than functional result in limited markets, and so on, LED the filament lamp companies in this way is very hard.

But touted, controversial, always there is a market there. Filament lamp for you see the OSRAM LED the formal launch, legend has it that a large international companies have also requested County OEM related manufacturer LED the filament lamp. In fact, have questioned LED filament lamp manufacturers have quietly begun to eat the cake.

However, the seemingly low barriers to entry LED the filament lamps, want to do is not easy. Many business leaders have said that entering this field "tuition" problems which are difficult to predict.

Market potential: LED lamp the filament is very popular in Europe, North America, United States, and Japan and other markets are also gradually opened. Manufacturers have been selling well in the domestic market. Cake is not great, but enough to feed a few people.

6, UV LED: high margin high threshold

Development status: compared to previous years, UV LED the field this year is particularly lively, seems a short time have businesses lost and lonely, shouted out a shout "UV LED".

LEDinside survey found that UV LED mainly dominated by UV-A currently, market share reached 90%, mainly used in curing, containing nails, teeth, ink, and other fields. With regard to UV-b and UV-c is mainly used for sterilization, disinfection, medical light therapy, health-oriented UV-B, UV-C then be sterilized ongoing development UV-C application limitations and breakthrough technology to manufacturers in the field a primary objective.

UV LED's higher gross profit is the primary reason manufacturers scramble, is dozens of times higher than the General LED,UV LED unit. However, UV LED technology customized threshold is too high and the more demand-oriented, to eat the cake and not easy.

Market potential: it was LED inside statistics in 2014, UV (ultraviolet) market reached us $ 815 million (equivalent to approximately 5.012 billion yuan), UV LED output of 122 million dollars (equivalent to about 750 million yuan), the total UV market share of 15%. And the future of UV-b and UV-c also has a great market potential.

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