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Focusing on the "35" plan: LED development of the industry's six major recommendations

  • December 1,2015

The "Twelve-Five" period, the steady development of Chinese LED display industry, overall size increased, has now become an important part in the LED industry chain, represented by the LED display the LED display application products has been widely used in various fields of socio-economic, LED display industry has become the advantages and features, the development of a thriving new industry.

China Optics and optoelectronics manufactures Association Vice Chairman Guan Jizhen, President of LED display applications branch for industry-LED "Thirteen-Five" direction of development, put forward the following recommendations:

1, increase the input of LED chip development and innovation, and encouraging collaborative innovation, promoting the building of a number of professional and technical features clear LED engineering and technology research center.

2, guided by the made in China of 2025, advance LED industrial chain upgrading and transformation of all aspects of the industry, improve the quality of comprehensive technology and related products.

3, to further strengthen and promote the LED display applications, product development, production and application, maintain and promote our industrial competitive advantage in this area. Improve application reliability and intelligent level, creating an international brand influence, improve market competitiveness.

4, attach importance to support basic research and innovative applications of LED products, especially, LED in the field of optical communications technology development, LIFI, major attention and support technology hot spots.

5, the drive LED display application products in the areas of energy conservation and emission reduction technology and applications. Around Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei synergy, along the way, new towns and other national strategies to boost the development of LED products.

6 access and LED industrial development environment, government guidance and promote, through market integration of factors of production, optimizing the allocation of resources, cultivation resulted in a number of technology and industrial scale in the international leading level, brand-LED innovative enterprises with international influence.

In General, the LED display market demand is relatively stable at present, is expected to enter "Thirteen-Five" for LED display applications on the industry as a whole will enter the market and development periods of relative stability, traditional market areas and urban landscape, advertising, new media and other new applications will continue to be a large market, new products led market has great potential. Future years, industry of regional concentrated degrees and to scale larger of enterprise gathered trend will more obviously, industry resources integration, and Enterprise merger restructuring, and big do strong in future years will brings LED displayed application industry pattern of major adjustment, future years industry within passive or active of merger integration will is trend, competition advantage will further to has technology advantage, and channel advantage, and scale advantage of enterprise tilt.

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