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Intelligent LED light bulb 5 stunt, you could buy buy buy?

  • December 1,2015

Since 14 smart hardware after fire, more and more traditional products began to "smart" approach, including light bulbs. However, these so-called smart really smart? Intelligent light bulbs is a real pain point or a false demand? This paper summarizes the five functions of intelligent light bulbs, do you pay for them?

1, adjustable brightness levels

The basic function is smart light bulbs through the APP light adjust the brightness level, so as to avoid achieving similar functionality must use the dimmer's troubles.

2, anytime, anywhere remote control

Many intelligent lamp of the remote control function, when you're not home, you can use the switch on the light simulation family, to deter thieves and other criminals, the same, you also can use this feature to turn off the lights in order to achieve the goal of energy saving. Finally, you can control on a variety of light into a single APP, key switch, or you can save time.

3, change the color

Light shading level reflecting their feelings? Actually there are many smart bulbs using light colors reflect user. Now even some intelligent lights can bring up 1.6 million colors, you can use the APP click to choose any color you like, even using speech software like Siri, tell it what you want color.

In this regard, even lists the different color of light represented by the different moods, for users to use and reference.

1) If you want to make the room feel warmer, then with a golden light

2) If you want to make the room cool, used on blue light

3) when held at the time, you can set different theme based on theme lights

4) lighting can be transferred into a red and green for Christmas and Hanukkah fall into blue.

5) If you want to change the wall color without painting, just need to tweak the blue, yellow, and red colors can synthesis any wall face.

4, play music

Some intelligent lamp joins the speaker module, can be controlled by the APP download songs from the Internet and play, thus replacing the traditional speaker and speaker of the distribution range extends to every room, every corner. No matter where a user, you can enjoy the music.

5, sleep aid

Smart the different color temperatures of light bulb you can adjust melatonin production, during the day can take advantage of specific light suppress melatonin production, enables users to work more efficiently during the day and night to promote the production of, and to help you sleep better.

What is bad, that's the problem

However, rely on these features, smart light bulbs to spread it? Market sing sein bad-mouthing this both sounds are present.

A company in Shanghai, one can not only play music, but also to adjust the color, but also as WiFi Repeater intelligent light bulbs, last year, they also participated in various exhibitions, and supported by well-known investor Yuan Yue's weibo appreciation. Later, they successfully bring products to some business-side b, but this is not only their direct c-terminal market, and convoluted compromises. Recently when reporters found on their founder, it is found that they have been almost completely dormant, one of the founders and started a new business, and focus more on the new company. They told reporters that domestic c-end user awareness of intelligent light bulbs are too low, and that these functions are not needed. Market will take a long time to fire it up.

But at the same time, and "Tiger", and not only that those newly established company here, refers to the development in foreign countries well, select the companies to enter the Chinese market at this time. Reporters have known such a company, their products are CES award, and foreign sales are also very good. They consider themselves successful in foreign countries has proven the value of smart light bulbs, and believes himself capable of gaining a foothold in the country.

For this, there's more to consumers might say, more than five major functions of intelligent light bulbs can inspire you into buying desire?

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