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Where LED lights? Manufacturers commonly four foreign trade channels

  • December 1,2015
Where LED lights? Manufacturers commonly four foreign trade channels

When the LED lamp works when buyers find the LED lighting manufacturers, read, understand the power of LED lighting manufacturers, after negotiating regret to determine product and the mode of communication programmes, and the next price of LED lamps is an important link to discuss issues. In fact, LED lamps LED lamps were determined by the price the problem most of the time buyers an important factor in cooperation with LED lighting manufacturers can be reached, in some cases, the only factors to be considered. Therefore, price negotiation is the cooperation links among the inevitable question.

So, price of LED lamps can be much cheaper? for LED lighting manufacturers, will defend their interests LED lamps sold well, but LED lamps buyers, of course, want to guarantee consistent quality of LED lamps prices as low as possible on the premise, which is actually a game. LED lamps manufacturers, rare customers are very interested in purchasing naturally do not wish to get customer turnover, so some compromise is necessary. For buyers, you can shop around, find prices, quality and service are guaranteed by the manufacturer, nor the pursuit of the lowest price. LED lighting price how much money?

Actually, according to we on LED lamps brand manufacturers interview understand not difficult found, now of LED lamps price compared past and reduced, and profit is declined of badly, manufacturers on products price can offers how many, a is important of factors is procurement number, are so-called small profits but quick turnover of principle, if procurement number more guest price big of natural in overall price Shang on big must discount, certainly, if procurement number not more, price certainly not cheap how many, after all for guest price is unlikely to of orders, Manufacturers do not like to compromise too much, unless you have a business has too little.

Guzhen town, Zhongshan city, Guangdong Province, as the light, is a Center for Chinese and global lighting production, procurement, guzhen town, Zhongshan, LED lighting manufacturers some brand manufacturers and selling the products abroad, and realized the country, sold all over the world LED lighting. Then, LED lighting manufacturers on how to achieve a trade channel reconstruction? what are the main channels of trade?

1, exhibition. Although the Internet era gradually show results down, but every year numerous exhibitions both large and small around the world, represented by the Canton fair in the country, abroad every year the exhibition is very much. Exhibition will attract a lot of outdoor buyers, distributors, during the exhibition and during the negotiations contributed to cooperation. Advantage is that foreign clients are more easy to be sold at the show, flaws is the show's effects were weaker and higher costs.

2, assignment clerk. Assignment of sales to foreign markets, overseas market development, directly in the overseas market, pushed the market movements, that complete LED lighting for export. Clerk of the poor stability of assignment, and the cost is very high. But if the team is doing an important channel of foreign trade.

3, the intermediary company. We know that customs agents will lead to orders for many SMEs, customs and trading company harness the information asymmetry borrowed money, China LED lighting manufacturers to export trade, have to make these intermediaries making a resource information fee, this channel is more passive, faced no orders at any time.

4, network marketing. Powerful do not need to say anymore in the age of the Internet, LED lighting manufacturers also began using the Internet to extend their business to foreign markets. Typical Internet marketing Alibaba international station, but many companies also build a website in English, overseas demand through Web searches to find LED lighting manufacturers to negotiate. The channels cost more, efficiency is good, the key is a globalized economy the increasingly important role of the Internet, is a new future, and recommended export channels of LED lamps, but the competition is very large.

More than four channels are some common channel LED lighting manufacturers, each with good characteristics, according to the actual LED lighting manufacturers to choose, choose two or more channels, for greater stability.


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